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McBride Insurance Serves Clients’ Umbrella Insurance Needs With A Personal Touch

You keep a spare tire in your trunk just in case you get a flat out in the middle of nowhere. And you smartly invested in a portable generator for your home on the off-chance that your power goes out on a frigid February afternoon. But, do you have a Plan B should you and your family have a large liability loss? If not, then the McBride team would like you to consider the value of having a personal umbrella insurance; it’s an excellent backup to your standard auto and home insurance policy should something unpredictable happen.

Plus, just like a spare tire or a portable generator, a personal umbrella insurance policy is very inexpensive for the exceptional benefits it provides, including:

  • Excess liability over and above your current liability limits that are written on your auto, home, boat, or RV policies
  • Protection against judgments against you in a lawsuit for negligent acts
  • Coverage for defense costs and attorneys’ fees associated with claims against you
  • Protection for a covered loss that takes place anywhere in the world
  • Protection against claims that may not be covered by your underlying policies for homeowners, auto liability or watercraft liability

Personal umbrella insurance is not for the minor fender bender on a local road, which is most likely covered by your auto insurance. Instead, a personal umbrella policy is critical to have for those rare occasions that you are involved in a major incident that causes serious injuries or damages.

In these cases, your standard auto or home insurance is only going to cover up to the policy’s underlying liability limit, which is generally around $250K. We know that sounds like a sizeable amount of coverage, but it probably isn’t nearly enough to protect you from the costs of the accident-related legal and medical fees. For example, if you were to cause a multi-car collision or if someone were to fall and hurt themselves on your property, your financial responsibility could be in the high six figures or more!

The good news is that the professionals at McBride Insurance can help you stay out of a financially compromising situation with a quality personal umbrella insurance policy from top national insurance carriers for as little as $250/year. Using our insurance smarts and experience, we will carefully check your qualifications for this special coverage and thoroughly assess the reasons why this type of policy is a wise investment for you.

The most common reasons for your McBride agent to recommend a personal insurance policy are:

  • You have a lot of assets, such as multiple homes or watercraft
  • You own a recreational vehicle or motorcycle
  • You have a pool, trampoline or hot tub
  • You have a dog
  • You own any type of firearm, including BB guns
  • You frequently entertain at your home

Since all these things increase the likelihood of an accident and subsequently expose you to additional liability claims against you, it’s important that you have the adequate insurance protections in place. That’s why you will want to work with the knowledgeable insurance professionals at McBride to help you analyze your liability risks and to determine if you qualify for this protection. Before you decide, please call McBride, 978-663-3301.

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