The McBrides

Our caring and committed team of professionals is the number one reason you should call McBride before you decide on your insurance.

John McBride

John F. McBride, Jr.

“My clients appreciate the work I do to get answers for them when they have a problem. When I see an issue, I am going to get it fixed for you, no ifs, ands or buts about it. I truly enjoy working with people to provide them with the best insurance guidance.”

A passion for helping others with their insurance needs might possibly be a hereditary trait that John Jr.’s father handed down to him. All through his childhood, his dad, John F. McBride Sr., owned an insurance agency in Billerica. Not long after John Jr. finished college – and worked a short stint with a paving company – he joined the family business. John Jr. quickly found that he was very skilled at being the bridge between the policyholder and the insurance carrier, especially when there was a problem that needed to be addressed.

In 1984, John Jr. proudly opened his own agency in Billerica, the town where he was born, raised, and “will never leave.” The past 35 years in the insurance industry have taught John Jr. a lot, including how to skillfully identify and resolve areas in a policy where a client might not have adequate coverage. John makes it his priority to close these coverage gaps so that the client has the insurance they need should a loss occur.

Time outside of the office is spent with his wife, kids, and grandkids. John really enjoys going to Lake Winnipesaukee NH with his whole family to boat, ski, and snowmobile. One other hobby that you may pick up on pretty quickly when you meet John Jr. is that he is an avid flyer and he hopes to be able to enjoy this activity for the rest of his life.

John has always been very active in the Billerica community, having served on the Athletic Association Board of Directors, the Billerica Girls Softball Board of Directors, and as past President of the Billerica Rotary Club. He and his wife are also honored to support the Make A Wish Foundation and the local VFW, continuing the tradition that his father, John Sr., started decades ago.

Whether you are a McBride client or not yet decided, John is always available to provide his extensive advice and knowledge. In an increasingly faceless, paperless world, John is dedicated to building personal relationships through one-on-one interactions with individuals and families. This purpose is at the core of the McBride Personal Touch.

Trip McBride

John R. McBride

“I personally appreciate when I receive an immediate answer to a question, so I treat inquiries from current and potential clients the way I would want mine treated – with a fast turnaround, but also with care to provide the appropriate details. ”

Like father like son has a special significance in the McBride family because the insurance business has now been passed on through three generations. The youngest John joined McBride Insurance in 2005 after graduating from Tufts University and becoming a licensed Property and Casualty Agent. He immersed himself in the family business for several years, becoming a reliable source on all lines of business. Clients especially recognize John for his responsiveness.

In addition to being a prompt responder, John is also very knowledgeable about insurance. Since getting his professional license, he has expanded his knowledge and earned his Life Insurance license and continues to seek out ways to expand his insurance IQ.

Whether you are a local Billerica artisan/contractor, a first-time home buyer, or adding a new family member to your auto policy, John’s goal is to find you the best value for your specific coverage needs. If you haven’t been able to get the insurance support you want somewhere else, John is up to the task. He is particularly successful at navigating the insurance process for clients who have not been happy with their insurance solutions in the past.

John lives in Westford with his wife and two children, and in his off-time they like to head up to Lake Winnipesaukee with the rest of the McBride clan. For hobbies, John still loves sports, primarily football and golfing. He is also teaching himself carpentry and other trades by working on his own house.

If you are looking for an insurance partner who is there for you 24/7, John is your ideal agent. He is a self-proclaimed “compulsive” cell phone user. So if you email or text him at 10pm on a Saturday night expecting to not hear back for a couple of days, think again. If there’s one thing John cannot live with, it’s keeping the clients he cares about waiting for his help.

Debbie Sharaffa

Debbie Sharaffa

“If I don’t know the answer to a question right away, whether it’s from a client or one of my team members, there is no way I am going to rest until I find it out.”

While Debbie wasn’t born into the McBride family, after two decades of working for the McBrides, she has become a very important part of it!

When Debbie first met John Jr. he was the coach of her daughter’s softball team. Neither Debbie nor John could have possibly thought that first meeting would be the start of a very long and prosperous working relationship together. But here Debbie is, 20 years later, an extremely valued member of McBride Insurance with a particularly strong understanding of personal lines products. Debbie has become the go-to person in the office for billing questions, policy changes, and RMV procedures.

Debbie is very passionate about working with special populations, like seniors and teens, to help ease any confusion or concerns during the insurance process. The focus and attention that Debbie gives to her clients’ unique needs is something that is not soon forgotten and is always greatly appreciated.

Born, raised and a longtime resident of Billerica, Debbie spends her time out of work with her family or with a good novel. The American Cancer Society holds a special place in Debbie’s heart. Like so many other people in the Greater Billerica community, cancer has impacted her life so it is an organization she strongly supports.

We encourage you to take advantage of Debbie’s many years of experience in the insurance industry and contact her with any insurance question, no matter how simple or complex. She is eager to help.