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McBride Insurance Serves Clients’ Home Insurance Needs With A Personal Touch

When you need help protecting something as important as your home and the people who live there, it’s really nice to work with insurance professionals who feel like friends, even from the first moment you speak with them. At McBride Insurance, our philosophy is to give each and every client the personalized attention we would give our best friend or our closest family member.

Our professionals are as thorough in our analysis of your home insurance needs as we are in getting to know you and what you value. Whether you are safeguarding a single-family house, a condo or an apartment, we will carefully review any current policies you may have for everything from a minor name or street misspelling to issues with your coverage types, policy limits, and additional riders.

In addition, our experienced team knows a lot about special Home Insurance options that you may want to consider based on your individual needs. We will not just review these extended coverages with you, but also explain why you should purchase them. For example, have you and your current agent ever discussed:

  • Scheduled Jewelry and Fine Arts – If you’ve been settled in the Billerica area for awhile and make a comfortable living, then it is likely you have filled your house, apartment or condo with all the basic needs to make it feel like a home – furniture, clothing, electronics, decorator items, tools. Now you’re starting to accumulate more valuable items or collectibles like jewelry, art, wine, antiques, or sports memorabilia. There are several reasons to have valuable items such as these on a separate policy including that they will be covered for every type of loss imaginable like if your diamond stud earrings sink to the bottom of the lake, or your wedding band slips off and goes down the drain, and, of course, if you are the victim of theft. Speak with a McBride Insurance agent today about customizing a policy for your most valuable and sentimental items.
  • Home Systems and Service Line Protection Coverage – Whether you’re in the middle of a bitter cold New England winter or one of our classic hot, humid summers, there is no room for a sudden breakdown of critical home systems and equipment such as your water heater, central air, pool pumps, or even your solar energy panels. If you want to avoid the inconvenience and the expense of unexpected repairs, talk to your McBride agent about getting protection that provides up to $10,000 for repair or replacement of service lines and up to $50,000 coverage for damage caused by a sudden and accidental mechanical or electrical breakdown.
  • Special Earthquake Endorsement – Ever feel the earth tremble under your feet here in the Merrimack Valley? Well, believe it or not, Massachusetts is considered a “moderate” earthquake zone, and while our risk for earthquake is certainly not at the level of our friends on the West Coast, it may be worth discussing this option with your McBride insurance agent since your basic homeowners does not cover property damage from seismic activity.

McBride Insurance has been Greater Billerica’s insurance agent for over 50 years, but we are also homeowners in this community ourselves. So, we will not only be your insurance partner but also your neighbors, and you’ll be running into us at kids’ sporting events, charitable events, and out on the golf course. There is no local independent insurance partner as accessible and accountable to residents like yourself than McBride Insurance.

Contact us today for a complimentary review of your current home insurance policy or to get a free quote for new coverage on a house, condo or apartment. Before you decide, please call McBride, 978-663-3301.

With our signature McBride Personal Touch, we will serve all of your Home Insurance needs, including:

A McBride agent may be able to accelerate your savings on Home Insurance with one or more of these available discounts:

  • Bundling Auto & Home With The Same Insurance Carrier
  • Installing A Security System
  • Using Smoke Detectors
  • Using Deadbolt Locks
  • Having A Good Credit Score

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Condo Insurance & Renters Insurance in Billerica, MA and the Surrounding Towns

Our insurance smarts are off the charts when it comes to offering Condo Owners and Renters advice on the proper coverage for their home and possessions.

If you own or are about to purchase a condo…

It is very important to fully understand the master insurance policy held by the condo association. The McBride team is here to help. We will identify the portion of your condo that is covered by the master policy and, therefore, what is being left to you, as a unit owner, to cover. Most of the time this means finding the proper coverage for everything inside your condo unit, including damages or repairs that happen to your home. You can trust the team at McBride to develop a plan that ensures you have the coverage you require to protect your investment.

If you are a renter…

It is extremely important to know what your landlord’s insurance policy covers. Generally, a landlord will insure the physical apartment building only, leaving you the responsibility to cover all personal belongings in your rental unit, including electronics, furniture, dishes, towels, and, of course, most important, sports equipment like hockey sticks and golf clubs. McBride Insurance is here to help you secure affordable renters insurance in Billerica MA and the surrounding communities.

For knowledgeable advice that will ensure you have the proper Condo or Renters Insurance policy in place, call McBride today at 978-663-3301.